Aadnan El Khaldi « Moroccan Gipsy Voice », whose real name is Aadnan El Yanagui is a composer-performer born May 25 in Laayoune in southern Morocco, and originally from the city of Chefchaouen. He is today an accomplished artist. Arab-flamenco singer, but you should know that he started singing very young. He performed from the age of 9 on the Feast of the Throne in front of the late His Majesty Hassan 2. He grew up in a family strongly influenced by northern traditions as well as by singers like Abdessadek Chequara. His music, on the other hand, is born from his meeting with the Gypsy King « and » Nina Pastori « , while drawing on traditional Moroccan musicality. The public discovered his talent and his very beautiful voice in 2002, when he took up classical songs. by Abdelhalim Hafiz, Farid Lattrache and Asmahan. Then he created his own brand in 2005, when he founded the group « Amar Band », which allowed him to show his own musical style and perform songs of his own composition. He sings in Arabic and Spanish, accompanied by two guitarists and a Vocale. The group also won the “casafleur” prize, but the members ended up separating on this great success a year later. Since then, in collaboration with the arranger and musical producer Saïd Talab, he recorded his first song, “Bem bem gitana ”, a true musical triumph. His meeting with the group « CosaNostra » also ensures great success on the national and international music scene, with the beautiful hit « Made in Morroco », then « Good Vibes ». The real turning point for his career was his participation in the famous program « Comedia » broadcast on the Moroccan channel RTM, which broadcasts for the first time the title « Wach ngoulik ». For the moment, Aadnan El Khaldi is playing evenings in Frankfurt Germany